Abbey Games is an independent game studio from Utrecht in the Netherlands. We develop computer games like Reus and the upcoming Renowned Explorers.


Adriaan Jansen! WOOhooo! o/

Adriaan Jansen: Co-founder of Abbey Games. Likes games. A lot. His favorite activities are playing games, making games, thinking about making games and being left the heck alone.

Bas “the Baws” Zalmstra: Is the Baws. Not only a co-founder of Abbey Games, but also our very skilled technical lead. Bas develops our homemade AbbeyCore-engine and helps out with all things technical.

This is ground control to major kitty cat

Maarten “Marteen” Wiedenhof: Maarten Wiedenhof is co-founder and is also responsible for (technical) art. Maarten is a Renaissance-man, and this is reflected in his many favorite activities. His profile picture has a cat, but Maarten does not have a cat. @Waarten on Twitter.

Manuel Kerssemakers: Being a champion in AI, design, programming, and co-founding, you can clearly see that Manuel is made for creating. Also handles things related to press. @ManuelKers on Twitter.


Dennis Pullens: Game designer and game programmer. Also does our scrum and he guards our planning. Dennis has been with the Abbey since the very beginning.

Tim de Jager: Programmer ace, spare time roboticist, and comical duo. Tim has been with the Abbey from very early on.

Marlies Barends: Makes pretty pictures. Also currently our only nun. Marlies has a website at Check it out!

Peter Klijn: 2D artist with love for characters, narrative in games and games in general. Current record holder for ‘most figurines on the desk’.

Rick Sorgdrager: Now that Ricks apprenticeship is over, he can now devote full time to the Abbey. Rick is a strong and creative force within art and game design. Has a strong love for board games and obscure tabletop RPGs.

Joni van der Leeuw: In-house musician with organisatory skills. Is so in love with music that he played at OIIO, and had his own label. @Jonidus on Twitter.

Yuri “Yurbot” van Geffen: Soon after joining the team in 2013 as an intern, we suspected Yuri to be a robot in disguise. We’re unsure what to do with him now, but we’ll keep him. When he’s not recharging he likes to write engine and tool code.

Rutger Harder: A skilled and intelligent guy who is helping the team finishing up Renowned Explorers. Has a mysterious booklet in which he occasionally writes. Current record holder in the ‘beard’ category.

Helper Monks

Yme de Jong: Aural atmosphere architect. Provided the world of Reus with the sounds of life and now helps out with Renowned Explorers. Nobody can hate this guy. It’s just physically impossible.