About us

We are Abbey Games, an indie gamedev studio from an awesome Dutch city called Utrecht. We try to create new looking and feeling entertainment games(geez, what a surprise). We’re currently working on a game for the PC, which will be available for digital download.


Adriaan Jansen! WOOhooo! o/

Adriaan Jansen: The creative lead of the team and co-founder of Abbey Games. Currently studying Game and Media Technologies at the university of Utrecht. Likes games. A lot. His favorite activities are playing games, making games, thinking about making games and being left the heck alone. Insanely enthusiastic.

Bas “the Baws” Zalmstra: Is the Baws. Not only a co-founder of Abbey Games, but also the technical lead. Also a student at the university of Utrecht. Wrote an interpreter for life, but then destroyed it because it took bit more than 0.4ms to run. Bas doesn’t accept those kind of running speed. So he coded the neutrino. ‘Nuff said.

This is ground control to major kitty cat

Maarten Wiedenhof: Maarten Wiedenhof is a co-founder of Abbey Games, and is also responsible for Art development. Maarten is very skilled in not only drawing, but also programming and designing. Obviously, Maarten is a Renaissance-man, and this is reflected in his many favorite activities. These include, but are not bound to, gaming, sporting and posing with a cat on facebook. Also has a blog at lvl0!

Manuel Kerssemakers: Being a champion in AI, design, programming, and co-founding, you can clearly see that Manuel is made for creating. He is often referred to as the respected rival of God, evolution, Brahma and Ra. Of course, he waves those speculations away, saying that he takes no heed of the rumors of mere mortals.


Dennis Pullens: Dennis Pullens here, with another amazing offer! This Billy Mays reincarnation gave up his life as a tell-sell celebrity to become a designer in the Abbey.  However, his life of glamour and super low prices still follows him every step, and visitors can easily be caught off-guard by his unrivaled offers.

Tim de Jager: Programmer ace, and comical duo with Dennis. Always goes into hypermode at the end of the day. Frequently spotted as the king of Siam.

Marlies Barends: Pretty pictures represent! Also currently our only nun! Marlies is a 2D artist, who has her own amazing work at www.worksofheart.nl. Check it out!

Peter Klijn: the mighty game artist. Is better known for saving flight KE 234 from certain doom by fighting an army of eagle drones with a mere pen. Things like this give him the much needed inspiration to keep up with his uncanny skills.

Joni van der Leeuw: Choir leader. Musician with organisatory benefits. Is so in love with music that he played at OIIO, and had his own label. Yes, he’s that good for music. Let’s take a moment to thank him for his passion.

Dennis Pullens: But that’s not all! Reading about Dennis is so appealing and cheap, that if you read about him, you can read about him FOR THE SECOND TIME FOR FREE! Call now!


Helper Monks

Yme de Jong: Atmosphere architect. Provides the world of Reus with the sounds of life. Nobody can hate this guy. It’s just physically impossible. Likes Thailand.