Our internship program offers us a possibility to find talented people and get to know them, while it offers interns the unique possibility to grow and shine within a professional environment. It’s for this reason that our program is set up to find people that could potentially start here as a junior employee after their internship.

These opportunities come with high demands, though. For example, we evaluate every internship halfway through and ask ourselves if we see a future for the intern as a possible employee of Abbey Games. If not, we terminate the internship immediately. Furthermore, we expect an intern to be a pro-active member of our development team(s) and to take initiative with taking on projects and work – with guidance from the appointed supervisor and the rest of the team.

Abbey Games is not looking to fill certain internship positions, but we’re always on the lookout to find good people, in all fields: art, design, tech and other. We usually host 0 to 3 internship slots in the following periods:

  1. ~ September 1 – ~ November 15
  2. ~ November 15 – ~ January 30
  3. ~ February 1 – ~ April 15
  4. ~ April 15 – ~ June 30
  5. ~ July 1 – ~ August 30 (Summer Internship)

Two consecutive periods are also possible. We usually start approaching candidates two months before an internship period starts and decide on which candidates to select for the internship about a month ahead – to give you some ballpark estimate on when you can expect a reply from us. Unfortunately, we only have the time to reply to candidates we actually want to invite over for an interview or are otherwise interested in. But if we don’t reply this time, no-one says we won’t reply next time you apply of course!

If you think you can contribute to our team and our games, please send us a motivation and a portfolio of your work or a relevant resume; we do not consider applications without them. If you’re interested, send an email to

And if you’d like to be updated when we offer new internship possibilities and which ones will be coming up in the future you can subscribe to our special jobs newsletter right here.

Short internships

We cannot provide very short internships (shorter than two months). We also do not host daylong visits for educational purposes (like ‘snuffelstages’ or ‘meeloopdagen’).