Tinytanic is a nautical mashup of brawl fighting and social simulation. In this game that we originally created in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare jam, you take up the challenge to survive the disaster-struck Tinytanic for as long as possible. Play as a Thrower, Basher or Lyncher to aggresively guarantee your survival; Socialize to learn to know the 80 different characters; manipulate your way to the top deck; and while you’re at it, enjoy the atmospheric recreation of a 20th century cruise-gone-wrong.

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the bow of the tinytanic

The band

The main deck

The engine room


Feature list

  • Throwing people of the Tinytanic
  • Bashing people of the Tinytanic
  • Shoot people of the Tinytanic
  • Make others do that to an unlucky target
  • Survive the unluckiest ship in the world
  • 80 unique characters who are dying to meet you
  • Many little secrets…hehe