Hello internet! We’re Martian Flytrap and we make computer games! We made some games together, but recently we finished our first game under this new cool name. It’s called Llamapalooza and it’s all about hitting llamas and connecting the Dutch, French, Peruvian and Mozambique cultures. <3

Llamapalooza, like a boss
The goal of the game is to whip llama’s and gain wool. The player that ends with the most wool when everyone is dead, is the winner! We planned it as a short project, that CERTAINLY wouldn’t take much more then a work-week. Well, we were wrong. It took us 9 work days to complete Llamapalooza, a whole lot more then expected. We certainly learned the importance of planning and playtesting, since many gameplay bugs and solution came up pretty late in the development process. Especially the controls were hard to test in-house, because we became so insanely pro in our own game. We sure got some help there from other students! Luckily, everything got…relatively…finished in time. 🙂

The gameplay turned out to be pretty multiplayer fun, although some things need a lot of feedback. I guess that 4 days were prototype implementation and core art, and the other 5 days were polishing and patching gameplay problems with new gameplay problems. The game will be downloadable soon!