Yes. I do all the work. And worse, Bas always points in the wrong directionHey all! Every first Wednesday of the month, a Dutch group called the Dutch Game Garden organizes a network lunch for the starting dutch gamedev community. There are people walking around just to make connections and talk with each other about their next endeavors. Some nice and ultra cool people from the Dutch indie scene walk around there, like Joost van Dongen from Ronimo games, the peeps from Vlambeer and even guys from the more experimental Monobanda. So we from Martian Flytrap thought it would be a good idea to show our faces. While we’re at it, we’ll show Llamapalooza! You know, for fun. We managed to get a spot for people to play our game, and just went there!

Our expectations were pretty low: Llamapalooza was a just fun little experiment for our workflow and production pipeline. Also, since Bas is a harsh criticizer, I wasn’t expecting much from the gameplay either (let alone the simple art!). HOWEVER!

People loved the game! We got almost nothing but laughs and positive feedback, despite the robust (and even clunky) finishing! The game was a lot of fun with four players, and people were even commenting on the “effective and funny” art style. We went there just to be there, and we turned out to actually get an audience that liked our game! OW JOY! It got even better when a publisher from Gamious played the game and was interested in Llamapalooza and our development. Huh, what?! Of course I was stupid and honest enough to say that Llamapalooza would be hard to enjoy like it’s being enjoyed right now since it needs 3 friends on the couch, but he was still interested in us!
Only given to games that provoke thought on the subject of Llama civil rights and Llama retirement
So to summarize the day, everything went a lot better than expected. A LOT better than expected!