Hi there! You probably haven’t seen me around yet. My name is Jacco and I help with the programming (and a tiny bit of gamedesign). I am very lucky with Bas showing me the ancient secrets of programming. Today I will share such a strategy and give you a sneak peek behind the scenes at Martian Flytrap. Unbeknown to most of mankind, and acquired by even fewer, this super secret strategy results into an increased productivity and a better workflow!

I am talking about our use of post-its!

The good old times

Evidence of an early pioneer of post-its

Real History (do not believe Wikipedia)

Only very few people know that post-its have been around for hundreds of years, dating back to as far as medieval times. While post-its are mostly used to collect random thoughts, phone numbers and pizza orders, here at Martian Flytrap we use them as the basis of a more complex and efficient strategy, that results into a more productive and fun way of working.




So how does this work? Bas is more than happy to show you.


Step 1: Use one wall for all your post-its with programming tasks (notice the super confidential information on the whiteboard). Pick a task, put it on your screen and get to work!

Step 1

For programmers with an urge of efficient datastructures: build a tree of post-its on your wall. The root node (post-it) should be the ultimate goal you want to accomplish. Each subtree should be a subtask of that node. A task can only be performed if it is a leaf in the tree.


Step 2: When you’re finished, add the post-it to the Wall of Accomplishment.

Step 2



Step 3: Look at your wall of accomplishment and experience a sense of joy.

Step 3


Step 4: If the wall of tasks is not empty continue with step 1, otherwise: DONE!