Martian Flytraps Adventures Part Deux

Hi guys and girls! For the ones who don’t know me: I am Lucas van den Bemd, a 22-year-old student from Utrecht and I joined the Martian Flytrap team last week. My main purpose? To make sure that things get done on time! Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience in the field yet. At the moment however, I follow the Business Informatics program at the Utrecht University. This should provide me with the tools necessary to keep this business running.

While I’m part of the business for just one week, I already joined Adriaan, Alexander, and Bas on a Martian Flytrap adventure. Destination: the Dutch Game Garden network lunch.(Some of you might recognize it from our past adventure!) Of course, the place to meet interesting people and to take a look behind the scenes of our colleagues and/or competitors. It was also cool to see the games other studios are currently working on. We were motivated to exceed their awesome games with ours (nothing wrong with some healthy competition!). Maybe this lunch was not as successful for us as its predecessor businesswise, but it proved once more to me that the game industry is booming. Even in our small, cold, and rainy country!



P.s.  follow our site to read interesting updates about our game(s). I might even share my personal experiences, and tips & tricks on how to deal with a bunch of geeks ;-)!