Hey people!

Manuel reporting. I’m a new member of Martian Flytrap and a proud one at it. I would like to start by completely ignoring my role at this brave new company to simply state the fact that I’m utterly, wildy and undoubtly enthusiastic about working on the team with all these cool (and previously introduced) guys to fulfill the truly awesome game idea we have. Although there is still lots to discover, decide, work on, work out, test, playtest, argue about and get giddy about, I’m very positive that I can help make the concept into a game that drinks like godly nectar. It must be said that I’m quite the optimistic person, but still… it’s gonna be magnificent.


Now on to the more informative and only slightly less hyped part: my task. As people may have noticed there are some hints of civilization in the concept art previously displayed. Somehow civilization is going to be an important part of the game and as a person on our nice little global network once said: “What is civilization but the combined efforts of human beings to produce great effects in human life”*. Not only does this imply (on a slightly unrelated note) that the game industry is a very civil one, it also describes my goal as programmer and designer. With my background in Artificial Intelligence it is my task to make sure that whatever civilization will take part in our game, is going to be a cooperative, smart, beautiful, and interesting one. What does this mean for the game? You can only wait to find out.. although I will leak some variable names, just for the interested you:**

– exploreIndex
– Ingenuity
– expandDrift
*(Quote from G. de Purucker) It is amazing how many people on the Interwebz started sentences with: “What is civilization but…”. Basically they are all questioning and answering eachother at the same time.
** This may not seem too generous, but think about it: how many dev teams share parts of their source code with you?