Our team  entered the Ludum Dare with a bit of a problem: We’re already making a tiny world game during working hours! So we needed another look on this “tiny world”. We came up with small scopes and small spaces, and inspired by the national geographic we came with THIS:

Man, the world of safety sure seems small in this situation. Our game would be Tinytanic, a story about an unfortunate boat, ever decreasing spaces, and way too much people trying to survive. And how do you make sure you survive? Well, by diminishing the amount of “rivals” that also want to claim a saving spot!

This is the art style of the ga… neh who am I kidding. So features of the game are:

  • Survive the tinytanic, the boat with ever decreasing size and luck!
  • Forge alliances with NPC’s to work together for your survival!
  • Throw, Push and Trick people to convince that “you’re surely the one who deserves that survival spot the most”.


While we’re making the game, we also have a request for the readers! We want to add 160 NPC’s, and they all need a character. Can you give us suggestions for NPC’s? We want:

  1. A name!
  2. Two remarks about his or her life, that he or she can say to the player. Try to keep it short! (like: “I love fishing with my granddaughter” or “My ambition is to make the biggest wooden cabin in the world” )
  3. One sentence he or she would say when he or she is dying (like:”The fishes will take revenge on my now!” or “I hope they have hardwood in heaven…”)

Any suggestions are welcome, and we’ll try to keep you up to date!