We’re back in hardcore development for a week now. Gamescom strengthened us in our belief that people are interested in liking our game. Bas, Maarten and I ran around in the business and entertainment area for three full days to tell as many people as possible about our game. We went to distributors, publishers, developers, interviewers, marketeers, booth babes and random people to talk their ears off, just leaving enough time for taking in all the feedback.

We don’t have a picture with all three of our faces, so here is a picture of Adriaan.

 Actually Nisute did make a picture of Bas, Maarten and me :p

To give you a feeling of what our conversations were like, here is how they usually started:

  1. Introducing ourselves (apparently you always exchange business cards right here at the start).
  2. Pitching our game in about 1 to 2 minutes, while showing laminated images of it like the one below.
  3. Discussing the prospects of the game and possibly ways of working together.
  4. Chatting about whatever mutually interests us.

Oh yes! We are actually working on the game as well. This is what we mean with terrascaping: