Indigo is the Dutch game festival which runs this Friday and Saturday. We are invited to show Reus and it will be the first time that we’re showing Reus to the public, consisting of you and everyone else that wants to see it. You can imagine our excitement/nervousness. We try to convert these emotions into hardcore dev-hours, so we haven’t been updating the websites for a while. So let’s start fixing this with our 17-seconds teaser.

Our goal for Indigo is to have Reus stand on its own two feet. Between the start of the development and today, quite a few people have seen and played Reus at our office through playtests or unexpected visits (you may or may not  interpret this as an invite). However, we were always there to support Reus’ lack of interface and feedback. Occasionally we were  unable to stop ourselves from defending Reus against honest and critical opinions. Now the time has come for Reus to walk the rope without security lines. Naturally, we hope people will be amazed.

What about the content? What’s going to be in the Indigo build?

The demo is going to feature the first three giants, which will be Forest Giant, Rock Giant and Ocean Giant. Even though Reus is meant for play sessions of at least one hour, we’re trying to stuff a lot of it in the 5 to 10 minutes people will play at Indigo. This means you will have time for exploring some of the giant’s powers, as well as having your first encounter with humanity. Depending on how fast you pick up the controls, you will have some spare time to create a few different biotopes.

We’ll finish with a wallpaper of the demo’s cast. And if you want to see more, come join us at the Utrecht city hall at Saturday  😉