Being the only nun here, at the Abbey, I thought it sure would be fun to write something about the art of our game. After all, every girl loves to make things pretty and every guy likes to watch pretty … things, so that’s a win-win right there!
Reus was running for a while before I was brought in upon the project, so I had to do some archeological research to understand the evolution of our art… The first things I encountered were pretty jurassic, so here goes:

Coderus Artus

“Coderus Artus” (rare specimen) – (used from QIV – MMXI until QI – MMXII)
The oldest specimen I encountered! Functional and very practical in the early stages of development. Not crafted by an artist, but even better: by our programmer Bas. I sure love to find Programmer Art!

Primo Visualis “Primo Visualis” (used from QI – MMXII until – Unknown)
Just when I thought I couldn’t encounter anything flatter in perspective… Maarten drew the early versions of these houses, where the perspective of our game was not even an option just yet!
Flattus Perspectivus “Flattus Perspectivus” (Unknown)
Here’s where the artist spent more time on the details! A nice and stable home, I’d say! But still flat as hell, we can hardly fit one villager in there – so they started to make modular blocks (the central part of the building can grow more floors) – upgrades!
Minimus Perspectivus “Minimus Perspectivus” (Unknown, used until QII – MMXII)
A specimen which has been used for quite a few ages! Perspective enough to fit some villagers, but still modular in height. The first specimen I encountered alive…
Upgradus Perspectivus “Upgradus Perspectivus” (used from QII until QIV – MMXII)
The first design I helped to create. I was leaning heavily on the older designs, feeling limited by the game’s graphical limitations of perspective and flat coloring. We had a modular way of building our villages, so there was almost no freedom in the designs height-wise and perspective-wise. Still flat as hell, so to say…
Upgradus Perspectivus Additius “Upgradus Perspectivus Additius” (QIV – MMXII)
We found the specimens to be quite common and lonely… We needed some other buildings, props and happy things to make it more of a village. Once we started to create these, we wanted MOAR!
Finalus Homus Erectus “Finalus Homus Erectus” (used from QI – MMXIII until present)
Our living specimen! A very colorful one, and has enough perspective for a happy family! Modular building is out of the picture, so we could go all out on the design.
Homus Erectus Neighborus “Homus Erectus Neighborus” (used from QI – MMXIII until present)
The happy family now needs shops such as bakers and carpenters to provide them with everything they need. Designs go all over the top through these, and I absolutely love to think about the villagers that come shop for bread or medicine at these buildings. I think they will feel right at home!
Cheers! And with that, we’ve come to the end of this post on art – hopefully you enjoyed this trip down the ages!
In Nomine Tapirs, Filatelis et Spiritus Alcoholis! Cheers!