Another translation finished! This time, it’s the Spanish translation! With that, the Spanish Bull has been unlocked as a Desert Animal! This late level animal is available as soon as you hit level 3, and forms the ultimate combo with desert plants. Besides giving a good amount of food, it also provides the wealth a desert village so often needs! Thanks for all those who were involved in making the Spanish translation and bringing the Bull to all the Reus players!

Three more translations, and all translation bonus content will be added to the game!



We’re about to close the translation for now! The deadline for the translations is Wednesday 13-11-2013 at 12:00 GMT! The translators will of course gain eternal fame in the Reus credits! For the 3 finished translations (Italian, French and Brazilian Portuguese), please keep an eye on facebook, or crowdin, since we might add a few more lines due to bug fixing, or to translate the reward content!

Also, we will add all 10 reward bonus content if 7 translations get finished! So save those Greek and Mandarin projects/plants/animals/minerals!



Soon after the French translation, both the Brazilian Portuguese and the Italian translation also finished! They unlocked the Brazilwood and Inventor’s Tower respectively!

We thought we’d salute the plant Brazil is named after. The Brazilwood is a level 3 Swamp plant that is easy to use. You can create a Brazilwood forest with animals to get a large amount of tech and wealth, but there is a limit to how many Brazilwood you can place effectively. It needs the Growth Aspect.

The Inventor’s Tower is a rare upgrade of the School. It’s a specialization is an invention that boosts all natural sources that transmute with a certain aspect. So be prepared to change your think in a different direction once the tower pops up! Just like medieval Europe had to do after the world famous Italian thinkers started the Renaissance!

Don’t forget to proofread and vote on the translations!


It seems that the French are the first one to finish a translation! Congratulations! All it needs is some proof reading, which is at 18%.  The French translators unlocked a new project in game for everyone. It’s the Cathedral project, a rare upgrade for the Shrine! The Cathedral can have some sacred items that the villagers found, and increasing their importance makes the Cathedral a real place of pilgrimage. A bit like the world famous Notre Dame in Paris, which holds relics importantant to Catholicism. The project will be added in the same patch that adds translations, due in a few weeks.

Other languages can still unlock other in-game projects or natural sources!


Hey giants!

Starting today, we’re crowdsourcing the translation of Reus! That means that you can help us translate the game to your language, so it will be more accessible to fellow nationals! Of course, you’ll be doing us a big favor too. To show our appreciation, we want to put some resources we would otherwise have to put into translation in Reus. How, you ask? Well, every fully and well translated language will add something in Reus to represent that language! (a bit) They will be new animals, plants, minerals or projects. It’s like a kickstarter with reward-tiers, but you invest your knowledge instead of cash!


The languages are Dutch, French, Italian, Polish, Greek, Spanish, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese.


Want to help?

So do you want to help translating? Then carefully read this guide firstYou can volunteer to help with any language, but please note that this is going to be played by thousands of people around the world. So please make sure you’re doing it correctly!

Once everything of a language is translated and proof-read, we’ll bring out an update on our website and facebook. When the whole thing is ready to be launched, it will appear on all distribution platforms! To make it in the first batch, a translation must be finished before monday 7 October! Also note that some of these unlocks might add a few more sentences to translate, so come back now and then after you finished the translation!

I hear you thinking: Why not Swedish/Danish/Japanese/Swahili?
While those are beautiful languages, we first and foremost have a hampered playerbase within the other countries. Besides that, we have limited time to make this happen.

Of course, besides the game becoming more awesome, translators will also gain a place at the timeless wall of fame we call credits.

With that endnote, I wish you all happy translating!

P.S. For the ones that want to guess what the unlocks are; every good guess is worth 10 Abbey Points. They give you free bragging rights, and are great to show off your cultural knowledge at parties.