Two Fantasy Creatures/Characters 

Disclaimer: Because of NDA reasons, the full details of the commission will be revealed after selection. This document should reveal the scope and complexity of the commission. Points note with an asterix (*) will receive much more precise descriptions later.


This expected deliverables are:

  • 2 designs for fantasy creatures in form of sketches or concept art*.
  • Per design, a Spine file (containing skeleton rig and animations) and a psd file for the assets.
  • Per design, 5 animations:
    • A walk animation
    • Two idle animations
    • One animation for interacting with an object*
    • One ability animation
  • Shippable quality.

Expected Communication

  • We expect you to ask for feedback when making important decisions or moving on to a next stage of production. E.g. going from sketches to actual assets.
  • We want to test assets in the game as early as possible, and have room for (technical) fixes.
  • Setting up the skeleton (‘rigging’) will be a co-effort, as there are specific creative and technical requirements.
  • We expect to communicate through Discord (text, voice and/or screen sharing).

Detail and Style

The style of the characters is cartoon-ish, flat, and hard shaded. It will be much aligned with the style of our previous games, Reus, Renowned Explorers, and Godhood.