We offer internships to help talented people grow and shine within an established Dutch game studio. You’ll work alongside experienced professionals on award-winning games, made with cutting-edge technology, played by hundreds of thousands of gamers.

Currently, we’re approaching internships case-by-case and accept open applications for the following area’s of expertise:

  • 2D rigging & animation (Spine)
  • 2D art for game assets
  • Technical art
  • Programming
  • Game design

Your supervisor and the rest of the team will give you dedicated guidance.

Short internships

We cannot provide very short internships (shorter than two months). We also do not host daylong visits for educational purposes (like ‘snuffelstages’ or ‘meeloopdagen’).

For a small studio like ours, a very short visit comes at a very high cost for us and very little meaningful experience for the intern. We’re rather take a more dedicated approach and provide a meaningful experience for both parties.