Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present our first little game: Llamapalooza! As you might know, Llamapalooza was a mini-project of Bas and me. We made this game in about 7 days of work, so don’t be to hard on this Llama frenzy fun! Music and sounds by Joni van der Leeuw from OIIO.

More rockin’, less talkin? DOWNLOAD LLAMAPALOOZA HERE! 😀

Happy Llama-smacking!

What are the requirements to play Llamapalooza?
It’s pretty silly, but you need a solid computer with windows to run it, since we use XNA. This also means that you need a GPU that supports directX 10. woooh!

I use a MAC, is there a way to play this game?
Yes. Get windows.

What do I need to enjou Llamapalooza?
Llamapalooza is a multiplayer game, so you’ll need 1 to 3 friends to play the game with. Up to 2 players can play on the keyboard (given your keyboard can register more than 4 keys at the same time). You can also use your Xbox 360 controllers if you have them, but only if you can connect them to your PC with USB or wireless xbox360 USB receiver.

What are the playable countries?
You can play as the Netherlands, Peru, France and Mozambique. Each character has his own unique whip that does absolutely nothing different from the other whips! YEAH! France is the strongest though.

Can you play this online/Do you guys plan to make this playable online?

Help! The installer crashes!
D: Ow no! Contact us with the page above regarding your error. Even contact us if everything works, just to pet the programmer. Programmers need some love to. Especially Bas.

Thats not a Llama, that’s an Alpaca!
We had no funding left for Llama research. And Alpacapalooza was already taken by EA sports anyways.