Hello again. Today I realized that if you’re living in New York (or less specifically, the United States) the word giants might have you think about football. Even Google Images is having trouble showing you an image of an actual, mythological giant. It’s going to be hard for our game to claim the first result on Google. But here at Martian Flytrap, we love challenges.

So let’s talk a little business. But first an image to get your attention.

I’m happy to announce that, concerning the flora assets, we moved out of the concept stage! In other words: we are now drawing plants an trees that will feature in the final product.

The most fun thing to work on right now are the Giants. It should be easy to tell them apart, even when zoomed out. That’s why we started by drawing their silhouettes, like in the above picture.

Every time someone walks by our Art Wall and looks at all these silhouettes, we ask them which ones they’ll remember best. We figured that those are the Giants we want in our game.

So who is that Giant? We don’t even know for sure, but he’ll probably look a bit like this.