So here you can read about our concept, the Tinytanic. An ever decreasing amount of boat is available to keep you safe from the disasters that strike this unfortunate boat. So how are we faring? Well, this is how the game looks right now!

As you can see, our team of Abbey Games member clones plus the ever so present Valentijns, Jelles and Shaniqua Lakeeshas are fighting for our lives to survive on the Tinytanic. Obviously, we need more characters in the game. We want YOUR help for this! So how can you participate? Simple:

  1. Use our super awesome random character generator, and pick a seed of someone you like!
  2. Make up a name for your character!
  3. Make two remarks about his or her life, that he or she can say to the player. Try to keep it short! (like: “I love fishing with my granddaughter” or “My ambition is to make the biggest wooden cabin in the world” )
  4. Make one sentence he or she would say when he or she is dying (like:”The fishes will take revenge on me now!” or “I hope they have hardwood in heaven…”)
  5. Post it HERE at Abbey Games! (Including the seed!)

There are 160 places available on our cruise, so we really need some inspiration!