Thanks to the community, we’ll release a new update for Reus.

On November 25, we will release an update which will add 5 languages to the game. These will be French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Dutch. For every language, we will add a new piece of content for you to play with. These will be:

CathedralInventor's TowerBullBrazilwoodCanal Town

For French: The Cathedral is a project that adds bonuses to your village through the different ‘relics’ it houses.

For Italian: The Inventor’s Tower is a rare upgrade for the school project that boosts all natural sources in a unique way.

For Spanish: The Bull is a late level desert animal that works well with desert flora. It provides food and wealth.

For Brazilian Portuguese: The Brazilwood is a plant for your swamps that enhances tech and wealth when combined with animals.

For Dutch (new!): The Amsterdam-inspired Canal Town is an new project that focuses on trade and greatly boosts your food and wealth output.

You can play around with a test version for this update starting next week, on November 18. This test version will be distributed through the beta channel on Steam.

Questions and answers

Why is there no German/Polish/Russian/etc. translation?
Currently, translation is a community effort. When more languages get translated, we’ll add them to the game.

Can I still help translate other languages / improve current languages?
Yes, translations are still ongoing. Please read this to get started.

I helped with the translation, will I be added to the credits?
Yes. If you want to be credited with a different name, please fill out this form.