Since Reus’ release back on May 20th, many players have experienced Reus. We hope that for all of you the game offered the joy we tried to put in it. We often got the question of what’s next, and today we’d like to answer that. While we will still work on Reus now and then to try and solve the problems some people unfortunately still have, we have started working on our second title as well. If you want to know more about what we’re doing with Reus, go here, otherwise please visit the announcement page of our new game or read below.


Its main theme is the exploration of unknown lands in the 19th century. As a member of the Renowned Explorers you are challenged to find the most legendary treasure the world has to offer, and to be back in time before the World Expo starts. To obtain this goal you will first have to gather a crew of skilled explorers, banding together people with different personalities and skills. The next challenge, is to follow the most promising leads around the world, while managing time and resources efficiently.

When you have determined the location of a treasure, it’s time for a turn-based approach. As a Captain you will lead your crew members to explore newfound land with the help of any resources that you may find on the island. Any foes that the exotic place has to offer can be met with either ruthless combat, pleasant conversation or an interesting mix of the two. After facing the challenges of a Caribbean island, Mayan temple or deep-jungle shrine, you may claim the treasure as your own and return it to your museum.

To grant you a new unexplored world every game, Renowned Explorers will generate and pose new mysteries, challenges, characters and combinations every time you start. Our new game is built to train you in the art of exploration, and it will reward you with deeper mysteries and rare treasure.

Main inspirations for Renowned Explorers are Jules Verne, Indiana Jones, X-COM: Enemy Unknown, and Fire Emblem, and we’ll definitely get inspired some more while we’re working on the game during the coming months. We hope you enjoy the idea as much as we do, and we’d gladly hear about what you think on the forums until we can show you something more… gamey.