Today we released Renowned Explorers: International Society on several stores; SteamGoGHumbleGreenman Gaming, and Gamesrocket. We’re sure you already heard about the strategy adventure game, though just to be sure please check out the following trailer where an adventure of one of our explorers is shared with you:

It took us two years of development, fifteen Dutch game experts and an innovative self-developed game engine called AbbeyCore, and lots of encouragement from all of you. Thank you for that, we are very happy we got this opportunity and hope you will enjoy Renowned Explorers as much as we do.

As an appreciation to your loyal support we made sure to give all players in possession of Reus an exclusive 25% discount for the upcoming month on Steam and GoG.

To celebrate this exciting milestone with everyone, we made sure to host some competitions during the release from September 2-6, 2015. Here a short overview of the program:

Meet the Renowned Explorers! (Stream)

We will showcase the game and answer all your questions on Twitch and steam from September 2-7 between 9-10pm GMT+2 / 3PM EDST

Treasure hunting for fame and fortune (in-game)
Explorers can win recognition in the Renowned International Society by finding one of these five exotic treasures:

Can you find one of these five treasures?

The first one to find each of the treasures wins an exclusive Renowned Explorers compass and Steam key for their friend or rival. For those that come in later, don’t worry. We are also giving out prizes for those sharing their story in an original way e.g. with screenshots, text, video, etc.

Do you have an #RenownedAttitude (Twitter)?
We all have our own course of actions when it comes to communication and feelings. We are very much interested in how you set the mood in-game. Please tweet your favourite course of action with us by sharing link of the pic/video with the following hashtag: #RenownedAttitude

What does your attitude say (Facebook)?
Make sure to add an original text to the Renowned Explorers images shared on Facebook. Most original meme will win a Renowned Explorers compass and key.

Renowned Explorers Animated GIF

Good luck digging up all the treasures and we hope to see you soon in Renowned Explorers!

Greetings from the whole team at Abbey Games.