Your great response on Renowned Explorers has inspired us to make free downloadable content… available right now!

the Mali Mystery DLC
With a user score of 93% on Steam, we’re very happy with the positive reception of Renowned Explorers: International Society. We’ve been supporting the game with small patches every few weeks so far, but this is a big content update, and it’s free!

In the Mali Mystery DLC, you’ll get access to a new expedition and all that comes with that: new stories, encounters and treasures!

For the Steam version of the game, we were able to add leaderboards, so that you can compete with your friends in becoming the most… well… Renowned Explorer.

We hope you enjoy the new content. We’re committed to support Renowned Explorers and we’ll update the game with small improvements and tweaks at least every two weeks.

As of this moment, the update is available for download, so please go ahead and give it a try!

Hyena enemy animation