This weekend is Halloween, and we found it to be an appropriate theme for our latest update. We’re still full of ideas for Renowned Explorers so we’re trying different approaches for each update. This one is all about the mysterious and spooky legends around Halloween. For that reason we won’t tell you exactly what we changed. Instead it’s up to you, renowned explorer, to find out where we introduced new free stuff and what it leads to.

Pumpkin Patch

In fact, it might very well be that The Gargoyle Code, as we dubbed this mystery, is not solvable by you alone within reasonable time. So if you’re looking for clues, make sure to share what you’ve found on the Steam forums, or our own. Of course you can still unravel the mystery entirely alone as well. And we might add.. solving it will change your game forever.

The Halloween update is part of our promise to update Renowned Explorers every two weeks in 2015. Don’t expect content updates every time. We focus on balance and fixes, but we’ll try to sprinkle fun new events here and there as well.

Happy Halloween!