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Game Design: Haxxx!!1!

Game Design and hacking? Huh, what? What is Adriaan talking about? I thought hacking was something exclusively for programming! Guess what? I’m a way better hacker than Bas, and I’m proud of it too! I’m talking about hacking in the form of inelegantly approximating a goal. It’s actually the same as in computer science. I […]

Adriaan Jansen
Game Design


Nowadays almost all games feature some form of particle systems. Particle systems are simple effects that add enormous detail to a game. Particle systems are used to model effects that are otherwise very hard to model. Think of things like explosions, fire, portals, sparks, etc. Ronimo’s upcomming game Awesomenauts is packed with particle effects and it really adds to the […]

Bas Zalmstra

Game Design: More stats equals Easier Balance

Last week I stated that more stats will make the job of balancing our game easier. Since for a lot of games this is not true at all, let me explain how it works here. For our new game, we want to have statistics for a certain segment of the planet. These stats should answer […]

Adriaan Jansen
Among the GiantsGame Design

Game Design: Mystery vs Depth

Today, while discussing our super cool new ambitious project, Bas and me got into a heavy discussion about giving the player information on the game mechanics. The game we’re creating is a kind of simulation game where you simulate the flow and grow of the earth with giants. Most of you probably already know that […]

Adriaan Jansen
Among the GiantsGame Design