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Hey people! Manuel reporting. I’m a new member of Martian Flytrap and a proud one at it. I would like to start by completely ignoring my role at this brave new company to simply state the fact that I’m utterly, wildy and undoubtly enthusiastic about working on the team with all these cool (and previously […]

Manuel Kerssemakers
Among the Giants

Game Design: Paper Prototype

So all this time you’ve been reading our blog, watch us bump into different kind of problems and seeing our progress. But you probably have no idea what we’re actually making! Yeah, sure, something with a planet, giants and purdy pictures. Well, we still can’t tell much about the game. You know, buzz is everything, […]

Adriaan Jansen
Among the GiantsGame Design

This week is an exciting week

As Jacco pointed out, we currently work in a windowless basement, our already pale faces lit only by the bleak white light coming from our monitors. However, the Dutch Game Garden might have a new place for us: an actual office – with windows – in the very center of Utrecht. This week they’ll inform […]

Maarten Wiedenhof
Among the GiantsArtbusiness

Game Design: Games that influence our new game

Sooo, late happy new year everybody! That 2012 may bring many good games to you! For the blog, I thought it would be funny to tell you about the games that had a significant influence in the design of our awesome new game. I can’t tell much about the game we’re making yet, but maybe […]

Adriaan Jansen
Among the GiantsGame Design

Who’s that Giant?

Hello again. Today I realized that if you’re living in New York (or less specifically, the United States) the word giants might have you think about football. Even Google Images is having trouble showing you an image of an actual, mythological giant. It’s going to be hard for our game to claim the first result on Google. But […]

Maarten Wiedenhof
Among the GiantsArtConcept Art

Martian Flytrap adventures: The Dutch Game Garden Lunch Part Deux

Hi guys and girls! For the ones who don’t know me: I am Lucas van den Bemd, a 22-year-old student from Utrecht and I joined the Martian Flytrap team last week. My main purpose? To make sure that things get done on time! Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience in the field yet. At the […]

Bram van Lith
Among the Giantsbusiness

Art: Finally some real art

Where are the updates, eh? Well, this weeks we went to Game in the City in Amersfoort, which was very, very awesome! Maybe we’ll update some on that later. We’re also wrapping up Llamapalooza with sounds made by Joni van der Leeuw from OIIO. It will hopefully be up for download somewhere this week! So […]

Adriaan Jansen
Among the GiantsArtConcept Art

Reporting in

Heya, Howdy. I’m Maarten, a 21 year old student. There will be more than enough time to get to know me, so let’s cut to the chase. Concerning Among the Giants, I will be working on both art and gameplay. I will also be providing the numerous readers of this blog with news and screenshots. […]

Maarten Wiedenhof
Among the GiantsConcept Art

Progress on the landscape

Above is a screenshot of one of my tests with the landscape. The most fancy thing about this terrain is that it is completely made up of bezier curves. With bezier curves we can make the terrain look super smooth no matter how much the player wants to zoom in.

Bas Zalmstra
Among the GiantsCoding

Game Design: More stats equals Easier Balance

Last week I stated that more stats will make the job of balancing our game easier. Since for a lot of games this is not true at all, let me explain how it works here. For our new game, we want to have statistics for a certain segment of the planet. These stats should answer […]

Adriaan Jansen
Among the GiantsGame Design