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Experiencing Abbey Games as an Art intern

Well then it’s time to introduce myself! I am one of the current Abbey Art Interns, Susana, expanding the Abbey Games team even more. I’m working enthusiastically on Renowned Explorers: International Society. So here’s an article on my first experiences at Abbey Games. My first day I arrived an hour early, quite normal for a […]

Bram van Lith
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Art – The Evolution!

Being the only nun here, at the Abbey, I thought it sure would be fun to write something about the art of our game. After all, every girl loves to make things pretty and every guy likes to watch pretty … things, so that’s a win-win right there! Reus was running for a while before […]

Marlies Barends
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Who’s that Giant?

Hello again. Today I realized that if you’re living in New York (or less specifically, the United States) the word giants might have you think about football. Even Google Images is having trouble showing you an image of an actual, mythological giant. It’s going to be hard for our game to claim the first result on Google. But […]

Maarten Wiedenhof
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Art: Finally some real art

Where are the updates, eh? Well, this weeks we went to Game in the City in Amersfoort, which was very, very awesome! Maybe we’ll update some on that later. We’re also wrapping up Llamapalooza with sounds made by Joni van der Leeuw from OIIO. It will hopefully be up for download somewhere this week! So […]

Adriaan Jansen
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Concept Art: Why?!?!

Making a game is a lot of work. We work hard to get as much content in a game as possible. So why would we waste our time making stuff that isn’t going to end up in the game? What’s their purpose except for looking pretty on the wall of the work-environment?

Adriaan Jansen
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Reporting in

Heya, Howdy. I’m Maarten, a 21 year old student. There will be more than enough time to get to know me, so let’s cut to the chase. Concerning Among the Giants, I will be working on both art and gameplay. I will also be providing the numerous readers of this blog with news and screenshots. […]

Maarten Wiedenhof
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Concept Art: The new game

After (almost) finishing Llamapalooza, we quickly started on a new, more ambitious project. We’re working on it with a team of 5. So what is this our project about, eh? Well, here is a little sketch as a sneak preview! ;D -Adriaan

Adriaan Jansen
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