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Experiencing Abbey Games as an Art intern

Well then it’s time to introduce myself! I am one of the current Abbey Art Interns, Susana, expanding the Abbey Games team even more. I’m working enthusiastically on Renowned Explorers: International Society. So here’s an article on my first experiences at Abbey Games. My first day I arrived an hour early, quite normal for a […]

Bram van Lith
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Art – The Evolution!

Being the only nun here, at the Abbey, I thought it sure would be fun to write something about the art of our game. After all, every girl loves to make things pretty and every guy likes to watch pretty … things, so that’s a win-win right there! Reus was running for a while before […]

Marlies Barends
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Hey! Pssst! We’re looking for someone…

Maybe you already noticed, but we now have a jobs section here on the website.  At the moment we’re looking for 2D Artists, so if you’re a talented artist (or you know one), take a look there! P.S. We will soon release a lot more information about the game we’re working on!    

Adriaan Jansen

It has snown

The first snow of this winter has reached the Netherlands! To celebrate, I made some snowy assets.

Maarten Wiedenhof

This week is an exciting week

As Jacco pointed out, we currently work in a windowless basement, our already pale faces lit only by the bleak white light coming from our monitors. However, the Dutch Game Garden might have a new place for us: an actual office – with windows – in the very center of Utrecht. This week they’ll inform […]

Maarten Wiedenhof
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Texture Atlas Tool

Hey, my name is Alexander and I will be making a tool that can generate texture atlases. In these blog post series about the texture atlas, I will be sharing how I will be creating this awsum tool. At the end of this blog post series we will make this tool open-source and available for […]

Bas Zalmstra

Who’s that Giant?

Hello again. Today I realized that if you’re living in New York (or less specifically, the United States) the word giants might have you think about football. Even Google Images is having trouble showing you an image of an actual, mythological giant. It’s going to be hard for our game to claim the first result on Google. But […]

Maarten Wiedenhof
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Art: Finally some real art

Where are the updates, eh? Well, this weeks we went to Game in the City in Amersfoort, which was very, very awesome! Maybe we’ll update some on that later. We’re also wrapping up Llamapalooza with sounds made by Joni van der Leeuw from OIIO. It will hopefully be up for download somewhere this week! So […]

Adriaan Jansen
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Animations Part 1 – Sprite-sheets

Our engine supports 3 types of animations: animations from code, sprite-sheet animations and skeletal animations. The idea of the first system is to allows programmers to define simple animations like changing a value over time. Sprite-sheet animations are simple animations that show a different image every so many milliseconds. This type of animations allows artists to paint each […]

Bas Zalmstra